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The Shoalhaven has a host of stunning beaches, gorgeous inlets not to mention fantastic surf. The ocean beckons with an allure that is almost impossible to resist!  Every year visitors seek the the seclusion of that quiet beach or waterway to get close to nature without the crowds. Its pure unspoilt beauty here, especially when no one else is around,  it is nature at its very best.

Sadly within this lure of perfection is where we see tragedies or “close calls” generally when tourists or visitors get into trouble. Rip currents are the most common cause of death in the ocean.  Inexperience of dealing with the elements are a major factor of most beachside emergencies.
Last year head instructor Simon Twitchen conducted a rescue that could so easily have been a double drowning, the couple rescued would have been lucky if they lasted one more minute.  A massive rip current had pulled the couple from the centre of the beach out through the waves, towards the reef.  Details are unnecessary, but lets just say that the couple were exhausted, distressed and panicking.  The power of the rip pulled so hard they just could not get back to shore.

It was just so fortunate Simon happened to be passing by. Both people were rescued together with a newfound realisation of how potentially fatal the ocean can become.

If you don’t fancy the crowds, put your mind at rest when exploring those secluded locations! Walking On Water can help with our fantastic new lifeguard assistant service.  We are happy to come with you to a location of your choice & advise of any dangers. We are happy to teach you how to stay safe as possible in more remote locations.
We stay with you & your family to help keep you safe.  We can even show you some unspoilt beaches that seem to be deserted!
Your lifeguard comes prepared with rescue equipment, first aid and a communication device etc.  However, we do not offer a full lifeguard service like you would see on the beach. (Obviously). We do not carry stretchers, de-fibs etc.  This is purely an advisory service where we step in & rescue if we need to.  With our lifeguard assistant  you can enjoy your holiday while we keep an eye on your safety. We are also happy to watch from a distance if you want quality uninterrupted family time together.

Therefore, you can have the best of both worlds.  Enjoy the serenity, enjoy it in safety.  Walking On Water & Ulladulla Surf Schools…for the very best in service.

Prices depend on numbers and duration, please call for more information.

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