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WOW Watersports is excited to offer two educational safety courses to help anyone gain a sensible confidence with the water.

Ocean and Open Water Safety Course and Surf Awareness Course.

Ocean and Open Water Safety Course

Aims & outcomes:

Walking On Water (WOW) will provide both theory & practical training in sea & open water survival.  Instruction will be given on all of the modules required to pass. Students are required to show initiative, team support & demonstrate knowledge of safe ocean & open water survival techniques.

Outcomes required to pass are:

  • Panic control & management.
  • Demonstrate good group coordination, teamwork & leadership.
  • Demonstrate self help rescue techniques.
  • Demonstrate positive group morale & basic first aid support of those who are sick & injured.
  • To be able to give good explanation of the dangers of wind chill & demonstrate various means of minimising risk.

The above will be achieved with tutorials given by WOW staff, along with practical demonstrations & explanation.
Topics covered will be:

How panic effects the body, followed by how to control & minimise mental stress.

Verbal instruction of good group coordination, & how that can create a positive outcome.

Encouragement of the teams to think outside the box in regards to self-rescue. (Hints given).

Coaching of morale boosting techniques & body language support.

Coaching on the dangers of wind chill & the risks to human survival. Teaching of the “H.E.L.P survival position.

The practical of above will involve being on open expanses of water with scenarios that the teams have to either escape from, or escape to, whist providing good group care & management skills.

Walking on water will have APOLA OSSCA accredited lifeguards participating in each group & a rescue vessel will be on the water at all times.

The staged disaster will involve each group being on a ten person craft that suddenly deflates in open water. Candidates will need to manage risk, manage each other & deal with a casualty who has received an open wound. The casualty, (WOW staff member), is also panicking & confused.

The group will need to take control of the situation, use skills learnt, whilst showing initiative & implements nearby to effect a successful outcome for the whole team. The group will need to all arrive back to shore safely in a positive mind set & attend to the casualty.

The WOW team will be happy to provide the theory side of the program at your school to ensure a positive educational experience where notes can be taken by the students. The lesson lasts for 1.5 – 2 hours.

Duration of the practical side of the course is approximately 3 – 4 hours.

Cost per student includes: 

  • Wetsuit hire
  • lifejacket hire
  • 10 person SUP hire
  • lifeguard & vessel support
  • Ocean & open water survival instruction & tuition etc. 
  • Pass certificate.

$99 per student  + GST.


Contact us to book or if you need more information.


Surf Awareness Course

This one day course provides students with a combination of surfing fun, blended with an educational twist that could just save your life, or someone else’s!

The course has opportunity to gain a certificate for those who successfully complete the course. The morning consists of a learn to surf session for two and a half hours, with the afternoon session having a practical coaching & testing on surf rescues, education on rip currents, (how to spot them, how to use them and how to get out of them etc), along with an ocean swim, treading water test, casualty recovery etc, plus much more!

This course is designed as an educational tool for anyone who wishes to surf, swim or generally use the water anywhere in the world.

For more information, please contact Simon on: 0417360791

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