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Simon Twitchen (Head Coach)

Former UK JSC Masters Surf Champion & surfer of the year carved his career after teaching himself how to surf in the chilly UK waters way back in 1982… originally with no wetsuit!

His passion for the sport kept him competing until 2015 when a couple of hip replacements etc slowed him down… a bit!
Simon has taught literally thousands of clients with varying abilities and is well regarded as one of the most experienced coaches in his field. Apparently, he still loves it!

Simon started Croyde Bay’s first surf school back in 1986 which is still today one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe. Simon competed for over 20 years, has been coaching for 32 years and is a registered trainer, assessor and examiner for the Academy of Surfing Instructors International. He is also a trainer and examiner for the Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation.
Simon was the only person chosen to be on the advisory committee to AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) and has been behind most of the changes in the new legislation in the commercial field of waterskiing and wakeboarding throughout Australia.

Simon is as passionate as ever about watersports, but often warns his clients that if they get bitten by the surf or ski bug, they might end up needing hip replacements in 20 years too!

If you pop by any of the local beaches or reefs, you might still see him out there ripping it up, even if it is a little less radically than before!

More coming soon…

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